Randy asked me: “Please pray for me I am going blind.” I prayed for his eyes to be healed. A few minutes later Randy became excited, he took off his glasses and said quietly, and then louder: “I CAN SEE!” And again, turning around saying: “I can see!” He became very emotional. We have a …

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Sarah had extreme knee problems and felt hopeless from the constant pain and inability to move. After reaching out for prayer, her knee was healed and the pain completely gone, in only a few days!


Mika was severely burned over a large part of her little two-year-old body. Many people around the world prayed, I called personally to pray for her and she stopped crying because the pain left her instantly.


Lindsay was full of anxiety and fear; after meeting with her, she was delivered and set free. Now she has hope and faith in GOD, and is excited about following Jesus!


Carl’s back was hurting so bad, he could not work. He called us to say he no longer woke up with pain and his back felt better more than 78% better, from our prayers.”


Sandy needed her car back after it was stolen. An hour after praying with her the police called that her car was found!


Paul was hurting after open heart surgery and not able to move his right arm. After prayer he was able to lift up his arm and pick up a water bottle.


Meghan had a such a bad rash that she was afraid she would be put back in the hospital for a second time. After she connected with us, we spoke healing, in the name of Jesus, for her. The next morning she let us know the rash was completely gone!


In the past I kept occupied with everything and it was not unusual to put GOD last on my list. Barb taught me to put God first. My relationship with GOD has been transformed from a passive faith to a growing faith, thanks to Barb.


My life was pretty messed up. I had anxiety attacks and had extreme fear on a daily basis. It was tearing me apart, and seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Honestly the pain, anxiety and fear was so overwhelming I did not want to live anymore. I met Barb and my life changed forever. …

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