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Barb Marshall

TV Show Host for The Real Deal with Barb, Author, International Speaker

How do you forgive when the pain is real and it hurts bad? How do you move forward from the wrong done to you?

To forgive is to surrender and give up what was done to you. You do not have to forget because what has happened to you is real.

Forgiveness is a choice, it is not a feeling. You do not want to be the rest of your life attached to your offender.

Un-forgiveness is like a poison to your body. Satan loves this state of mind and feeds you thoughts to add as much pain as you will let him. The result of being offended affects your body, mind, and spirit. The hurt is deep, real and feels justified. However, this state of mind is terrible for your health.

Forgiveness is hard work! But, when you forgive, let go and let GOD it is life changing.

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