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Barb Marshall

TV Show Host for The Real Deal with Barb, Author, International Speaker

When it seems like we’re out of control –

Two year old Amaya fell through a gap between a Redwood tree that had fallen and was leaning against a very steep hill. She disappeared, She fell head down first at least 35 feet. Then there was silence. It happened so fast, and we felt so out of control!

When I got to the riverbed I saw sharp grey rocks, patches of water and more river rocks. I saw Amaya standing up. Her pants were down at her ankles, and one foot was soaking wet but not the other. She was ALIVE and nothing was wrong with her.

I asked GOD, what happened?

Her daddy Peter, had a dream that night. He saw that God fully wrapped Himself around Amaya and rolled down the hill with her and protected her.

The “Supernatural” is real.

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