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Abandoned mothers...

Many women in prison only receive 20% of the visits. They are often abandoned and forgotten by their significant other, families and society. Women often, though innocent, are forced to take pleas under threat, duress, and coercion by a lawyer. Women are often forced into crime by a husband or boyfriend who houses them. They are victims more than criminals.

Many women upon exiting the prison/jail system are homeless, abandoned by everyone they know and loved. This often causes them to recidivate and commit another crime to reenter the only thing they know. They call it “3 hots & a cot“ meaning “3 meals and a bed”. Many women are alone, afraid, rejected and have no answers. There is a huge lack of support and a job when they are released.

Adopt a Champion comes along side these women to prepare the applicants spiritually, mentally, and for business.

Forgotten children...

When ‘Lenore’ was sentenced to prison for 210 months, her 3 children were sent to their dad. For three years, the 16-year-old daughter and her 2 younger brothers slept in the living room of their dad’s home because they have no bedroom of their own. Life is hard; a struggle inside and outside.


Adopt a Champion comes along side these moms with support, encouragement, and helps keep them connected with their forgotten children.


Adopt a Champion is there to make a difference, to share practical needs and the gospel:

  • Cards for the inmates’ children;

  • Backpacks for school;

  • Christmas gifts;

  • Emotional support for the children;

  • Funds for a fun and meaningful outing or trip.

"We connect with the inmates and their forgotten children, sharing emotional support, scripture, and prayer."


Adopt A Champion

Our mentors work with the Adopt a Champion to help them identify who they’re created to be. And equip them so they can activate their faith.


Through the program they’ll create a mission and vision statement and develop their life plan. With the help of the coaches and the affiliates they’ll learn creative ways to support themselves with personal needs while in prison and live a life of meaning once released.

Team benefits

Now is the time to stand in the gap







“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and he has anointed me to be hope for the poor, healing for the brokenhearted, and new eyes for the blind, and to preach to prisoners, ‘You are set free!’ I have come to share the message of Jubilee, for the time of God’s great acceptance has begun.”

— Luke 4:18-19 TPT 

Adopt A Champion
Adopt A Champion

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