Love Your Life Ministries

Witness an extraordinary tale of one man’s unjust accusation in the midst of learning about the murder of his beloved wife. Despite his innocence, he finds solace in a divine encounter that urges him to forgive and seek redemption through God’s grace. Follow along as we delve into the gripping story of this wrongly accused husband and the profound impact divine intervention has on his life. As he navigates the dark depths of grief, loss, and accusation, we witness a remarkable transformation led by the power of forgiveness.

Are you hungry? For more of life and more of God?

The Real Deal with Barb

The Real Deal with Barb Show is all about helping you through sharing real stories from real people like you. You will be able to relate to what they have gone through and how they overcame and live life in abundance, now!  Our show airs on KITV Network with streaming all over the world. Our youtube channel is  barbtv.