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Find Out More About Lara

“Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.” Lara Lara is 36 years old, wheelchair bound, in a room with 5 inmates. She likes to cook and  has created recipes that are suitable for prison kitchens and also for you at home. She gave her recipes to Love Your Life Ministries as a gift, and are available for purchase here from LYLM. This helps Lara feel useful and the donations help pay for basic toiletries to achieve a bit of dignity.  Adopt a Champion like “Lara”.

Find Out More About Tina

“Some days I don’t want to get up and face the day, but He gives me strength to face the day.” Tina Tina has many health issues, and a 20-year-old daughter and a mother that doesn’t speak to her.
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Find Out More About Lillie

“‘Adopt a Champion’ has made me realize that there are people as well as GOD out there that loves and cares for us. I am glad that there are others out there who make me feel special and know there is hope out there for us. Thank you to ‘Adopt A Champion’ for loving me and helping me get closer to The FATHER.” Lillie Lillie Adopt A Champion Lillie has not had a visit for seven years. Last year she joined the ‘Adopt A Champion’ Program. After completing three months we gave her an MP3 player. Lillie has a personal vision and mission statement and through ‘Seeds of Hope’, our affiliate program, she has a life plan and is able to crochet in prison and give the blankets and scarves as gifts and as an aid to support her needs.
Adopt a Champion like “Lillie” and get more of her story. Are you ready to mentor “Lillie” or adopt her?
Adopt A Champion Stacy

.Find Out More About Stacy

Stacy is in the ‘Adopt a Champion’ program because of the wonderful testimony and experiences of her loving daughter Lara.  Let’s help break the cycle and adopt “Stacy” to make a difference.

An Unprecedented
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forgotten Children...

When ‘Lenore’ was sentenced to prison for 210 months, her 3 children were sent to their dad. For three years, the 16-year-old daughter and her 2 younger brothers slept in the living room of their dad’s home because they have no bedroom of their own. Life is hard, a struggle inside and outside.

‘Adopt a Champion’ comes along side these moms with support, encouragement, and helps keep them connected with their forgotten children.

Adopt a Champion is there to make a difference, to share practical needs and the gospel:

  • Cards for the inmates’ children

  • Backpacks for school

  • Christmas gifts

  • Emotional support for the children

  • Funds for a fun and meaningful outing or trip.


‘Monica’ completed her life plan and received $100 from our Affiliate Ministry, Majestic Grace, Inc. She was able to step into creatively supporting herself in prison. 

Our “Mentors”  work with the ‘Adopt a Champion’s’ to help them identify who they’re created to be.  And  Equip them so they can activate their faith.  Through the program they’ll create a mission and vision statement and develop their life plan. With the help of the coaches and the affiliates  they’ll  learn creative ways to support themselves with personal needs while in prison and live a life of meaning once released.


Adopt A Champion

‘Mindy’ was sentenced to 22 years. It had been tough; and when there was concern that she was exposed to COVID-19 they put her in lockdown for 36 days.

The loneliness and struggles were agonizing. She had no visits, since her family lives in California and she is in Texas. While locked up her husband had an affair. We are here to stand in the GAP!


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  • Teach Breakthrough
  • Help Create a Life Plan for a cause
  • Be Part of a Great Team
  • Grow in Your Faith
  • Make a Difference
  • Learn to Share Your Story
  • Step Into Who You Are Created to be
  • Learn Tools and Techniques to be a Great Coach
  • Free Mentorship Training
  • Free Bookmark
  • Free Empower A Champion Mug
  • 50% Empower A Champion Program Discount
  • Be an Interview Guest on The Real Deal with Barb TV Show

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Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions.
With all your heart, rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in every decision you make.

Proverbs 3:5 TPT

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Adopt A Champion

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