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Barb Marshall, a native of Holland, is an International Motivational Speaker and a Christian author; is the Founder of Love Your Life Ministries and the host of The Real Deal with Barb TV Show watched in over 161 countries. Barb is also the Founder of Dare to Believe BIG Mentorship Program. She and her husband have three children and seven grandchildren, and reside in Northern California.


Barb as a Jesus follower had an eating disorder, was heart-broken and divorced. It was not until she cried out to God and fully surrendered that the pain, fear, feelings of rejection and never being good enough, stopped. She had a supernatural encounter, heard Holy Spirit speak to her that broke the death sentence of her addiction. God delivered her from bulimia, relationship issues, and the sense of feeling inadequate. Best of all her marriage was restored!



She had gotten a call from a woman in Canada, her first meeting with her. Who told her that God wants to heal her leg

and within seconds, she saw her leg become the same length as her other leg, and her constant back pain was instantly gone.

Her heart is to equip and train you to understand the authority given you. And how to find and step

into the purpose God declared for you before you were even born.

International Speaker & Author​

Would you like to find out who you are? Find your why? Are you ready to learn learn some of the tips and tools that will give you lifelong success?

Love Your Life Ministries

We bring hope, share love and change lives! What God has done before, He wants to do it again! God’s stories are inspirational and make a prophetic impact on our lives because they reveal the supernatural power of God. The REAL DEAL with Barb TV Show and DARE to Believe BIG are all about sharing and teaching how to Equip and Send out the Saints to do as Jesus did.

Get clear purpose and direction in life

Are you on the path that is leading you to healthy relationships, love, peace, and joy? Do you know who you are created to be? Do you have a clear vision of what your purpose and direction in life is? Discover who you are and what you are created to be through DARE to Believe BIG. It will inspire you to experience God and hear His voice clearly for yourself. The breakthrough you have been waiting for is about to happen!