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The Power of Prayer!

People love to say God will never give you more than you can handle;
but sometimes life puts so much on you it’s hard to keep the faith.

What are you going through? What are you struggling with?

Know you are not alone! We are here to pray with you!


Do you need hope and encouragement from real people that have overcome
struggles? Would you like to hear from others who you can relate to?
The Real Deal with Barb Marshall shares real solutions to real problems by real people!


Would you like more in life? More of GOD? And a greater purpose?
Would you like to transform into an active, vibrant, believer?
Fully living for Jesus.
Dare to Believe BIG is for you!
You are worth it! You deserve it!

Invite Barb to Speak!

Dare to Believe BIG will transform your life. It teaches you to believe like never before!
You will be inspired to experience GOD fully, learn to hear HIS voice every day
and be guided in how to step into your GOD given authority.

D – DEFINE WHO YOU AREĀ -Know your identity

A – ACTIVATE YOUR FAITH – Step into faith

R – REFINE TO THRIVE – Surrender yourself and increase in HIM