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When you share a testimony, you are giving others an invitation to taste of God’s mercy for themselves. You are ushering the mercy seat of God into their lives. Testimonies allow you to see not just in the present circumstances but what can be, through the mercy and intervention of miraculous God.

We are looking for guests with experience in miracles, supernatural healing, angelic visitations, deliverance, experience in Heaven or Hell, and fulfilled prophecies.

All our episodes are created to help our audience with personal growth in the Lord.
Please keep the following criteria in mind when submitting material or guest recommendations for our TV show.

Only submit testimonies or personal biographies unless you are also submitting corresponding teaching materials like Books, CDs or DVDs that accompany the testimony or topic being discussed. Remember all material must be scriptural and support the story or topic.

When we receive your submission, it will be reviewed by our Review Board. If we think the topic or story submitted is the right fit for our show, we will contact you.

When submitting material for review, please include a recommendation for a potential guest. Please note all material submitted will not be returned., so do not send us your only copy!

Thank you for sharing your story as a guest on The Real Deal with Barb Marshall Show. We appreciate the opportunity to work together in creating a show that will be of help and to encourage believers around the world.

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